“If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail.” – Kobe Bryant


The weeping of the guitar 
Spanish Harlem, Telenovelas, L.A. Gangs, Mexican Widows, Guatemalan Smoking Gods, Colombian Cholos, Sacred Virgen, Dotted Volantes. 
“El duende” on many tongues, 538 millions voices across the lands. 
Un paseo a través de la tierra y por el tiempo. 
do not grow in the sea
But we found roots, depth, joy, pride.
Self-affirmed goddesses
Un poco de perreo, un poco de cerveza. 
Dale, dale, papi.


Even in Paris, France, we dream about the West. 
Scarlet mountains, cartoon coyotes, low-riders, starlets, horses with a first and last name, sacred lands, rodeo queens… 
This mishmash of emotions and mysterious characters has lived in our imagination for as long as we can remember. As kids it floated in our brains like an abstract country, no maps showing its shape, as if it was truly in another world. Yet we could almost taste it, hear it, feel it. 
We grew up.
Roses, strass and leather. Life and death. Bar fights sometimes. Really good boots. RVs, a stack at Denny’s, cigarette butts, eyelashes for days. 
As we learned about past and present realities, they birthed vivid fantaisies for the future.
Today we dream of a new multicultural West, a rebellious child re-inventing itself, repairing its bloody past. 


In this issue,
Women look at men looking at women.
Men look at women looking at women.
Women look at their mothers looking at their daughters.
Women look at men almost just like men look at women. 
Women look at themselves and invite us to share that gaze.
Men look at the women who raised them.
Women look at persons neither man nor woman.
Women look at their communities, their sisters. 
We look at women looking at earth, 
And they stare right back at us. 
With that multiplicity of gaze, we hope to create a reflection, an emotion, a constellation of points of view, at this moment in time, on the origin of the world; women. 

Sixteen is an object, a thought, 
a provocation, a time capsule.

Creative Director: Xavier Encinas
Fashion Director: Victoire Simonney